“BM-3 Lite” Rotisserie Smoker/Cooker Trailer

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The new “BM -3 Lite”   it’s a heavy duty , Rotisserie Smoker mounted on the single axle type approved trailer chassis up to 750KG “Lider 34401”

It’s a Rotisserie Barbecue Smoker  with enormous smoking/cooking space. The BBQ Trailer is a fully-functional mobile cooking machine, complete with the large smoking/cooking chamber.  The BBQ Unit made in 4mm thick steel, finished in heat resistant paint and looks smart and sophisticated.

This is ideal for family business to use for private  parties, corporate events, music festivals, country shows, BBQ Competitions and even BBQ rental stores.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Clean
  • Heats Up Fast
  • Even Cooking Temperature (no hot spots)
  • Guaranteed Results

The trailer gross weight is 580KG and it’s ideal for European road regulations and for registration in all EU  countries:  France, Spain, etc..  can tow with any size vehicle with  fully approved and legal on the roads BBQ Trailer (supplied with a certificate of conformity “CoC”)

Delivery too all European countries available, contact us for shipping quote.

BM-3 Overall dimensions:

312cm Length, 190cm Height, 167cm Wide


580 kg

New 4mm thick rolled steel plate cooking chamber

is 110cm in diameter and 120cm long

8 removable food cooking racks :

93cm x 33cm (made in square tubing heavy mesh)

ooking chamber equipped with

57mm dial stainless steel easy-read temperature gauges.

Two fireboxes equipped with

removable heavy duty fuel basket and adjustable air dampers for easy control the heat and airflow in the cooking chamber

The firebox door provides access to

fuel basket to allow you easily add charcoal or wood during long cooks

Two stainless steel chimney stack’s

100mm in diameter equipped with dampers to control the heat and airflow


with external front folding shelf made in stainless steel

Eclectic rotisserie motor:

220-240v (0.25KW) , can be plugged in to any domestic plug(socket)

Rotiserie smoker mounted on the single axle type approved trailer chassis

up to 750KG “Lider 34401 trailer with 13" wheels ((supplied with a certificate of conformity “CoC”)

The Trailer includes

complete lighting kit

Can be towed by

any size cars, vans and trucks.


wood and charcoals


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